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Noomi Rapace as Renee
Peter Stormare as Terrence
Michael Chiklis as Bald Man
Lesley Manville as Dr. Nyman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dannygrangerdannyg 2 / 10

Not worth the effort

Firstly let me say that I watch hundreds of movies every year. I like to give any film the benefit of the doubt until the end. After resisting coming onto IMDb for so long, i had to join to let people know about this.

Simply put... This is not a good movie, you should be going elsewhere.

So many times during the plot I felt like the movie led me to believe it was about to kick up a notch from creepy music and promises, and then the lead actress just rolls over again and again and doesn't do anything. Just once she gets a bit of courage and does something brave, and this fizzles out too.

The ending left me feeling really disappointed, as that is where they could have saved the movie with a bit of action. But it all built up to nothing at all.

The actress was poor. The characters felt mismatched and unlikely. The acting was robotic. The plot twists were pointless and empty. The pseudo-science was not believable. The ending was flat.

After watching this I think my worst fear that could cause me to evolve would be to sit through this movie on repeat in a room I couldn't get out of. That could possibly make me scream...

Reviewed by javiergarcon 10 / 10

I work in the Movie/TV industry

I have to give this a ten, I thought this movie was going to be a hacked up job but it turns out it was the opposite to my assumptions. It is an Original movie! The script is flawless. You can tell whoever worked on this worked extremely hard in correcting any errors they have had experienced in the past. The scores of music in this movie are original and worth the watch to hear them. I want to congratulate the Director "Steven Shainburg" for making an Original worth watching. I honestly do not watch these type of movies but this one kept me at the slightest edge of my seat. "Brian Nelson" had a long tedious job while doing the screenplay and I got ya man it is no easy work but I got ya, great job on the screenplay it kept me interested and that is all it mattered. I can tell how the director picked out these producers that were knowledgeable in the medicine field or can we say the art of medicine, some of them may have had experience in producing a hospital sitcom. overall I am expecting a sequel.

Reviewed by zanty 9 / 10

genuinely on the edge of my seat

Looks like there are either some disgruntled ex-lovers/colleagues leaving reviews, or something else is going on here (from the bad reviews that I have read). If you want a genuinely disturbing film, Definitely watch this. I am a movie lover, and, have also studied film for several years. This has a good cast, and, genuinely left me on the edge of my seat. I can't really say any more without giving a major spoiler alert, but, if you are a fan of suspense, this is a MUST watch. I liked how the plot developed, and, where it really succeeded, was, in giving the audience a sense of being enclosed, trapped, and, isolated. My heart was actually pounding that much, I felt I was therewith the main protagonist. A very good film.

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